Have you ever wondered whether or not your brand is clear? Whether it communicates who you are and what your business is all about while at the same time being strong and completely awesome?!

If you have, then this post is for you!

Today, I’m gonna show you how to do a brand audit. And because I don’t like the word “audit” (it totally reminds me of ‘auditors’ which reminds me about ‘taxes’ which makes my head hurt), we are going to call it a “brand review” instead. Mmmmkay? Good!

Ready to buckle down and check your brand presence? Grab a notebook or some paper and let’s get started! 


Have you done that yet?

Don’t worry, I’ll take another sip of my mind bogglingly delicious coffee while I wait.

1. First, let’s take a look at what you already have for your brand. Below is a checklist of things that most brands will have in order to create a super strong presence! Go ahead scroll to the bottom to download a PDF of the Checklist and Action Check List.

3. Okay, once you’ve finished that list it’s time for ANOTHER list!!!! (C’mon admit it, making lists is super fun.) This time, make a list of the brand items that you still need AND the ones that you already have but want to change. To really light a fire underneath your butt, write a deadline next to each item so that you can see visually WHEN you’d like to have each item by.

5. Now it’s time for some fun stuff. Like … get ready to go craaaazy with some crazy brand-related questions! If you have any food or beverage needs, or need to use the bathroom, go ahead and do those things now. :::elevator music plays::: Are you done? Excellent! Okay, go ahead and write down your answers to these questions:

– Do you see yourself running your current brand for the next 5-10 years? If not, why not and where do you plan on going?

– What are your top 3 favorite pages or posts on your blog/website and why? Can you create anymore awesome stuff along those lines?

– If your brand were a person (any person!) who would it be?

– What do you hope to accomplish with your brand?

– How do you want to be remembered?

– In your dream world, where do you envision your brand going? Like … what’s the ultimate goal?

7. Alright, you’ve made it to the last step!!! You’ve completed a brand checklist of what you already have and for what you still need/want to change. You’ve answered some questions to gain clarity about the vision you have for your brand and it’s goals. Then you looked at each and every little thing that makes up your brand’s online presence to see if you need to change anything to get inline with those visions/goals. Now, it’s time to take action so that you can make the less-than-stellar stuff super great!!! No brand shame here, people.

Brand Checklist

Action Cheklist

2. One you’re finished checking off things from that list, go ahead and grab a piece of paper. Write down all of the brand items from the list above that you already have and that you’d like to keep. Now take it a step further by writing down WHY you’d like to keep each particular brand item! What do you love about them? Why do you want to keep them?

4. Aaaaaaaalrighty then! (Name that movie quote!!! If you don’t get it then I’m going to feel really old.) On yet another sheet of paper, it’s time to record some lovely thoughts about your brand. Go ahead and take a bit of time to answer the following questions:

– What are 3 words to describe your brand? (Make sure they are 3 different words!)

– What do you want people to feel and say about my brand after they encounter it?

– What is your brand statement? (In other words, who do you cater to, why do you give a flip, what do you actually provide and what amazing thing do you offer that’s different from everyone else?)

6. Okay, now for the true “auditing” part of this whole thing. It’s time to review all of the items that make up your fabulous online presence! This is gonna be a nice long list, so don’t panic! For each item that you want to change, write a few notes about to what/why. Consider if the below items are inline with the goals and descriptive words that you wrote out above. Also bonus points if you can get some feedback from some one that you really trust! Ready? REVIEW!

– Your homepage. Does it communicate clearly what you do? Is it uncluttered? Does it instantly give people a sense of who you are and what you’re all about? How about the load time- is it too slow?

– Your about page. Does it clearly explain who you are and what you hope to do for your clients/readers while showcasing loads of personality?

– Your headshot. Does it show who you are and your awesome personality? What does your facial expression say? Does it give off the correct vibe that you want to communicate with your audience?

– Sidebar/header/footer. Is it overly cluttered? Are you showcasing any free resources that you have? Is it easy to navigate? Are your social media links super easy to see? Are any affiliate adds relevant to what you love and what your readers would actually like?

– Navigation menu. Are the categories appropriate? Clear? Easy to navigate?

– Blog/Website categories. Or they organized properly? Are you making your best resources prominent? Are the categories in line with your blog/website’s mission?

– Products & services page. Are you clearly showing the benefits that your clients will receive? Does it look professional? Non-sleazy?

– You blog posts. Do you have a way for your audience to easily access your posts and categories? (Like a post archive?) Are your posts quality posts? Are you offering value to your readers? Would YOU want to do business with you?

– Social media accounts. Do your URLS and hanldes match across all your platforms for the most part? Are you using the same suh-weet photo in every profile? Does each social media account include a tagline for your blog/business? Are the images you pin and display on Instagram and Pinterest relevant to your brand? Is everything professional?